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Opening Day 2014 – Important Invitation and Announcement

Attention SRVLL Community, including all past and current players, coaches, fans, umpires, and volunteers!

The 2014 SRVLL Opening Day will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2014, at Synergy Field at Los Cerros Middle School. In addition to a formal celebration of the league, there will be food, fun, and lots of baseball to watch throughout the day.

Families and Coaches: Please plan on having all current SRVLL players dressed in full uniform at Synergy Field by 9:30 a.m. Then stick around for all the food, fun, and baseball being offered. 


7:00 a.m. Volunteers arrive to set up fields  
7:30 Field prep of Los Cerros 1 (LC1) & Los Cerros 2 (LC2)  
8:00-9:30 Early Games  
  Farm: Rockies at Phillies LC1
  T-Ball: Timber Rattlers at Bulls LC2
9:45 All players line up for parade/entrance  
10:00-10:30 Opening Day Program LC1
10:30 Field prep of LC1 & LC2  
10:45 Later Games  
  Majors: Red Sox at Giants LC1
  Majors: Angels at Diamondbacks LC2
12:30 p.m. AAA: Athletics at Twins LC1
  Majors: Padres at Yankees LC2
2:15 AA: Yankees at Dodgers LC1
  Majors: Athletics at Cardinals LC2
4:00 A: Diamondbacks at Red Sox LC1
  Rookie: Giants at Athletics LC2

The following rules will be enforced to ensure that all games begin and end on time.
Time limit: No new inning after 1:15 minutes; hard stop at 1:30
Warm-ups: No pre-game warm-ups or warming up between innings
Pitchers: Please have pitchers warm up on the side before entering the game
Minimum play: All minimum play rules apply
Substitutions: Open substitutions at any time; continuous batting rules apply
Field prep: Will be handled as usual: home team pre-game & visiting team post-game
Inflatable jumpers: Available all day, free of charge
Food trucks: Food available for purchase
Snow cones/Popcorn: Available all day for purchase
Snack Shack: Open all day with drinks & candy for purchase
See you at the ballpark!
SRVLL Merchandise Available!
by posted 04/04/2014

SRVLL Families and Friends!

We are now offering SRVLL merchandise for men, women, and children, in a variety of clothing items and styles.

Come out to Los Cerros on Saturday, March 8, to view the merchandise and try the items on for size. We will also try to make it to other field locations over the next week for those who can't make it this Saturday. We would like to have all orders in by Thursday, April 13 so that we can deliver merchandise at about the same time for everyone. 

You will be able to purchase merchandise online at the Gryco online store, but you may want to try the gear on first!

Any questions? Contact .

See you Saturday!



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