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2018 Postseason Tournament Play & District 57 Team

Postseason Teams Posted

Congratulations to the following players for being selected to the 2018 District All-Star teams, as well as those players representing SRVLL in various district tournaments this summer. Good luck to all!

2018 Postseason Tournament Play Information & Application Details

As most returning SRVLL players and parents know, SRVLL is proud to offer 2 options for Post Season play.  For 10, 11, and 12 year olds, SRVLL will form a District (All Star) team comprised of the top players at each age group. For players who may not be selected to the District team, SRVLL will field a second tournament team which will play very competitive baseball during the summertime, representing SRVLL against other District 57 tournament teams.

For league age 9 players, there is no District team. 9 year olds who are currently in AA or AAA will be eligible to participate in an A and B Tournament team depending on the number of 9 year olds that are interested in playing. Unfortunately, 9 year olds currently playing in Single A are not eligible for this year’s postseason play.

Formation of these teams is outlined in the documents below, as is the form required to request that your son or daughter be considered for any postseason team. 

9 Year Old Tournament Team A (13 players)
9 Year Old Tournament Team B (13 players)
10 Year Old District Team (12-14 players)
10 Year Old Tournament Team (12-14 players)
11 Year Old District Team (12-14 players)
11 Year Old Tournament Team (12-14 players)
12 Year Old District Team (12-14 players)
12 Year Old Tournament Team (12-14 players)
*The number of teams and number of players on each team will be determined by the interest level in each age group.


  • Deadline to return the SRVLL Postseason Commitment & Application (see below) is May 7, 2018.

  • Balloting and voting for District teams will begin on May 12, 2018.

  • Managers for each team will be selected after the District team voting has ended. If you wish to be a manager or coach, please email Greg Shay (contact info below) by May 7th.

  • For more information on team formation see documents below.

Post Season Time Commitment and Expectations:
As outlined in the attached documents, the decision to represent SRVLL in either the District or Tournament team, is a significant commitment.  The District teams will compete at the highest levels and therefore managers will be trying to field the most competitive team possible in each game.  Playing time will be commensurate with skill level and commitment.  Families who choose to participate in the District team must understand this. Additionally, the roster spots are limited, so it’s critical that all parents are transparent with their child’s schedule and availability on the application.  District team players are expected to be available 100% of the Post Season.  SRVLL Tournament teams are also competing to win.  However, rosters are a bit larger and allow for much more summer schedule flexibility. 

Questions? Please contact All-Star Director Greg Shay ( .

2018 SRVLL Postseason Team Formation & Player Selection

Detailed information on the postseason team formation and player selection process.