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Volunteer Policy

As a community run organization, SRVLL requires all families to volunteer to make the league a success. Volunteer requirements are: 10 Hours for AA and above and 5 hours for A and below per family (regardless of how many children are playing). A $300 volunteer fee will be charged to those families who do not fulfill their volunteer hours.


SRVLL is a non-profit, volunteer organization and relies entirely on our volunteers to be successful. All families participating in SRVLL are required to give service to our league during the course of the season. There are so many different ways you can help, whether or not you have experience with baseball.  Please take a moment to read over available positions and please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.  Our league could not function without the participation of parent volunteers; thank you for your support! 


Kirsten Hazard

Director of Volunteer & Community Management

Contact: [email protected]

SRVLL Volunteering: FAQ

Q:  Are all participating families required to volunteer? 

Yes.  SRVLL is a non-profit, volunteer organization and as such, all families participating in SRVLL are required to give service to our league during the course of the season.   IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR SERVICE HOURS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED BY THE LEAGUE A FEE OF $300.00 in June of the year in which your child plays.


Q:  Are all participating families required to volunteer.

Your hours given will depend upon the age of your oldest player.
•Families of Farm, T-ball and Single A are required to complete 5 hours
•Families of Double A, Triple A, and Majors are required to give a total of 10 hours


Q:  Can I opt out of the volunteer requirements? 

Yes!  If you prefer to opt out of volunteering for the season, you may pay $300 upfront.  Please contact Kirsten Hazard at [email protected] to arrange for this. 

Q:  What if we don't fulfill our minimum requirements? 

If you are not able to complete your league volunteer obligation by June 15, 2019, you will be charged a $300 volunteer fee. Failure to make this payment could affect your child’s ability to register the following year.

Q. Do I need to do a background check?

Little League requires that a background check be performed on all volunteers that interact with players. All background checks will be run through JDP.  The process will start once you log-in to your Blue Sombrero account and sign up as an Adult Volunteer.  An email from JDP will follow within a week.  If you don’t get an email, please send a note to [email protected] to initiate this request.


Q:  What volunteer opportunities are available?  

There are two ways you can get volunteer hours: (1) season long jobs and (2) hourly volunteer jobs. 


Season Long Jobs

Hourly Jobs

Manager (interview required)

Head Coach (1)
Assistant Coach (1)
Umpire Game Coordinator (1 per team)
Team Parent (1 per team)
Scorekeeper (2 per team)
Field Prep (2 per team) *Sycamore fields only


Snack Shack
Equipment Distribution Player Evaluations
Special Events (i.e.SRVFest)
Field Maintenance and Seasonal Prep


Sign Up for Hourly Jobs

Snack Shack

2023 Snack Shack Sign Up

*Snack Shack is located at Los Cerros Middle School


 *sections that are greyed out are not currently available for sign up





SRVLL Volunteering: Season Long Job Descriptions

Team Manager

Manager is responsible for the team he/she is given. Manager will provide training and practice times for players and demonstrate positive leadership. Managers are also responsible to coordinate communications with the team parent and distribute information to parents as necessary.


Head Coach & Assistant Coach

Two league-appointed coaches will help manage an SRVLL team and assist the Team Manager as needed *please note that Rookie and T-Ball may have up to 3 appointed coaches in addition to the Team Manager.


Umpire/Game Coordinator

This person is needed for each AA, AAA, and Majors team and is supplied by the visiting team for each game.  This person will be required at every game in the event that there is NOT an adult umpire. The Game Coordinator must not be a manger or coach of either team in the game.  This person must be included in the pre-game meeting and must remain at the game at all times, including between half-innings, in a position to see all actions on the field and in close proximity to the field.  If this person cannot be at a game, it would be their responsibility to find someone to fill in. If there is an adult umpire at the game, this person would not be required to be on the field for that game.  The role of the Game Coordinator is to oversee the conduct of all the players, managers, coach, and umpires in the game.  They have the authority to disqualify any player, coach, manager, or substitute for objecting to the decisions of the umpire, for unsportsmanlike conduct or language and eject such disqualified person from the playing field.  If a player is disqualified while a play is in progress, the disqualification shall not take effect until no further action is possible in that play.   This person should also confer with the umpires to determine whether and when play shall be suspended during a game due to inclement weather or unfit playing conditions and whether play shall be resumed or terminated after such suspensions (must be at least 30 minutes of play suspension before game is called).  You must be invested as an active participant if you volunteer for this position.



Score Keeper

Two people per team are required from Single A through Majors divisions.  Those that volunteer for scorekeeping can plan accordingly to divide up coverage. We will be using Game Changer to score keep and track pitch count this year and you will need to be familiar with how to use it if you take on this job.  Please have a device with the app installed. The home team will be responsible for keeping score (for both teams) and the visiting team will be responsible for running the score board (Majors and AAA).  If the scorekeeper needs additional time input into Game Changer, please notify the umpire to pause the game.

Game Changer Tutorial:



Field Prep

Field prep people will be responsible for all pre-game and post-game field maintenance duties for the home team.  Responsibilities include dragging the infield area, rake, fill, and tamp batter box and pitcher mound, chalking and watering as necessary. 

Field Prep (this isn’t specifically for our fields but still helpful):


Team Parent  

The Team Parent oversees the management of team needs. He or she also compiles the Team Binder that the team manager will keep in his/her possession for every practice and game.

·       General management of team needs.

·        Assist Manager with communication needs.

·        Fill team volunteer roles AND sign Volunteer Completion Form for those families who complete their team volunteer duties—fulfilling their 5 or 10-hour commitment. Managers/Coaches are not responsible for team volunteer sign-off. It is a function of the Team Parent.  Volunteer allocations can be populated via the following form:  The Director of Volunteering will work with the Team Parent at the beginning of the season to ensure all jobs are covered and will then verify with the Team Parent at the end of the season who completed their volunteer duties.

·        Direct parents who have not signed up for team volunteer duties to [email protected] to fulfill their 10-hour commitment with snack shack time slots or other volunteer needs. 

Additionally, it should be noted to ONLY TWO official coaches will receive credit for their 10-hour service commitment (THREE for Rookie and T-Ball)  Therefore, the coach needs to define at season start whom those two candidates are. Other “helping parents” will not receive credit and will need to volunteer in an official capacity as listed on the website. Note also that snack coordinator, party planner (although great!) are not “official” volunteer capacities and will not count toward a person's 10-hour commitment.







SRVLL Volunteering: Hourly Job Descriptions

Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is located at Los Cerros Field 1, which is where the Majors teams play.  Each snack shack volunteer shift will be 2.5 or 5 hours in length. Snack shack hours will be dependent on game schedule. Snack shack hours during the season will be weekdays 3:30-6:00 pm (before daylight savings) and 4:30-7:00 (after daylight savings). Saturday schedule is 9:30-2:30 and 12:00-5:00.  Please refer to Snack Shack Operating instructions for additional detail.  A separate sign up is available for this job (link posted to our webite).

Equipment Distribution and Collection

Help facilitate team equipment handout before the start of the season.  Help facilitate team equipment return at the season's end.  A separate sign up is available for this job.



Player Evaluations

Duties would include check-in and help with coordinating players, evaluating players, and running Infield, Outfield, Pitching, and Hitting evaluations.  Some positions require a little baseball knowledge, and some require none. Evaluations typically take place mid-December and 2.5 and 5 hour shifts are available.  A separate sign up is available each year.

SRVFest (Opening Day)

Collect money, serve food, help with administration, set-up, take-down, etc. A separate sign up will be available for this event.

Field Maintenance and Seasonal Prep

Duties would include hanging wind screens on fences and installing the foul poles at LC1, LC2, and Alamo school. Install top fence guard at LC1, LC2, and Alamo. Clean and organize the equipment containers at LC1, LC2, Stone Valley, and Alamo. This will include all individual Knack Boxes. Stock and stack chalk at all fields. Clean, weed, and rake the batting cages, dugouts, bullpens, and





SRVLL Volunteering: Executive and Administrative Board Positions


Apart from all other considerations, sound leadership, couched in knowledge, experience, and common sense, is the greatest requirement and most exemplary qualification of the man or woman selected as President of a Little League.

While efficient organizational and administrative abilities are desirable credentials, the search for good leadership must transcend all other attributes in the adult who gives direction to the Little League movement in the local community. Dedication to the goals and purpose of Little League is inherent in the volunteer aspect of those who serve, but not everyone who serves is gifted with the quality of leadership. Presidents must reflect these qualities if they are to be of benefit to children.

The President has many responsibilities in the administration of the league. Each President is elected by, and is accountable to, the local league Board of Directors. Duties of the President are described within the limits of the rules and regulations, and within the local league constitution, giving each President the ability to oversee the affairs of all elements of the league.

As the chief administrator, the President selects and appoints managers, coaches, umpires, and committees. As such, no person becomes a manager, coach, umpire, or committee member without the approval of the President. However, all appointments are subject to final approval by the local league’s Board of Directors.

Importantly, the President is the officer with whom Little League International maintains contact. The President also represents the league in the District organization.

The President should be the most informed officer of the league. Each President must know the regulations under which Little League operates and in authorizing the annual application for charter, binds all members of the league to faithfully observe the regulations. Little League Baseball International Headquarters reserves the right to require a league to remove any officer who does not carry out the terms of charter application. Serious violation can result in loss of the league’s charter by action of the Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Beyond the requirements of league administration, the President should personify the best public image in reflection to the community at large. Each President should take an active role in gaining support and winning friends for the league program.


The President presides at all league meetings and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league. The President receives all mail, supplies, and other communications from the Little League Headquarters. A President may manage, coach or umpire, provided he or she does not serve on the protest committee, nor serve as tournament team manager or coach.


VP Operations

The Vice President presides in the absence of the President, works with other officers and committee members, is ex-officio member of all committees, and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President. Separate Vice Presidents may also be selected to oversee individual divisions within the league. If so, one Vice President should be selected as the one to preside in the absence of the President. A Vice President may manage, coach or umpire, provided they do not serve on the protest committee.



The Secretary maintains a register of members and directors, records the minutes of meetings, is responsible for sending out notice of meetings, issues membership cards, and maintains a record of the local league’s activities.



The Treasurer signs checks co-signed by another officer or director (or as directed by the local league’s constitution), dispenses league funds as approved by the board of directors, reports on the status of league funds, keeps local league books and financial records, prepares budgets, and assumes the responsibility for all local league finances.


Player Agent

The player agent conducts annual tryouts, is in charge of player selection, assists the President in the verification of birth records and eligibility of players, and generally supervises and coordinates the transfer of players to or from the Minor Leagues according to provisions of the regulations of Little League Baseball. Separate Player Agents may also be selected to oversee individual divisions within the league. The Player Agent must not manage, coach, or umpire in the division over which he or she has authority, unless the local league has received explicit written permission to allow this from Little League International.


Umpire in Chief

Safety Coordinator

The Safety Officer coordinates all safety activities, including supervision of ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program), ensures safety in player training, ensures safe playing conditions, coordinates the reporting and prevention of injuries, solicits suggestions for making conditions safer, and reports suggestions to Little League International through the ASAP system.


Information Officer

The Director of League Information manages the league’s official website and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), collaborates in the online registration process, and ensures that league rosters are maintained on the site. The Director also assigns administrative rights to league volunteers and teams; ensures that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis; collects, posts, and distributes important information on league activities such as the direct dissemination of fund-raising and sponsor activities to Little League International, district, public, league members and media; serves as the primary contact person regarding optimal use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and to Little League International; and displays enthusiasm for using the Internet for league administration, for sharing information, and for creating a more enjoyable and efficient Little League experience.


Training Coordinator

Coach Coordinator

Director of Volunteer and Community Management

Snack Shack

This person will coordinate the volunteers for snack shack using an on-line calendar. This person will sign-off parents "volunteer hours" as they complete their service in the snack shack. Coordinator is responsible to fill the open hours of snack shack at both Los Cerros Middle School and Alamo both in season and post-season. This person will also work with the Snack Shack Supplier to coordinate product needs.


Snack Shack Facilities Manager would be responsible for product inventory control and snack shack equipment maintenance.

Coordinator: T-Ball

Coordinator: Farm/Rookie

Coordinator: Single A

Coordinator: AA

Coordinator: AAA

Coordinator: Majors

Coordinator: Challenger

Coordinator: All Stars

Uniform Coordinator

Spring Registration

Equipment Coordinator

Try Out Coordinator

Field Coordinator

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