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Q: Who can play in San Ramon Valley Little League?
A.  Any child who resides in or attends a school within the boundaries set by District 57 and Little League Baseball or who resides outside of the boundaries but qualifies for a waiver as described below.  Note that some players may fall within the boundaries of two leagues based on their residence and school locations and may select between the two leagues. 

Q:  How do I know if I am within SRVLL's Boundaries? 
A.  Check your home and/or school address with Little League's League Finder. Players that either a) reside within a league boundary or b) attend a school that is physically located within the league boundary (Stone Valley, Los Cerros, Alamo Elementary, Rancho Romero, Green Valley, Dorris Eaton) are permitted to participate in SRVLL.

Q:  Are there waivers available if I no longer live within the boundaries?  
A.  Yes, but only under very limited circumstances. If, in the previous year, you resided within the SRVLL boundaries and have moved outside to a neighboring boundary you may be eligible for a waiver under Regulation II(d).  Learn more about the waiver process and consult with our Player Agent ([email protected]) if you feel you qualify.

Q. Why is there a player evaluation?                   
A. The league holds a player evaluation for the AA, AAA & Majors divisions. The evaluation allows us to place children in a division were they will have the most chance of success and have fun. Everyone plays regardless of how they do at the evaluation.  

Q. Can my child play with his/her friends?                   
A. Teams in the T-Ball, Rookie and Single A Divisions are league appointed.  Requests can be made to have a player placed on a team with a "buddy". We can often, though not always, satisfy such a request. Upper division teams (AA, AAA, & Majors) are selected by draft. This is done in an effort to make all the teams as evenly balanced as possible. Your child may or may not play with their friends, but they will make many new friends during the season. Siblings playing in the same division are always placed on the same team.

Q.  Can my child play up?
A: For upper divisions (AA and above), players are placed in divisions based on both age and ability. For lower divisions (Single A and below), players are placed in divisions primarily by age. If a few players of one age need to play up in order to create an even distribution of players on teams, those players are selected based on ability and not player request, although a player may decline to play up.

Q. Do I get a discount if I have more than one child in SRVLL?
A. There are no discounts in the event a family has more than one child playing.  However, in the event of multiple children, families need to satisfy the volunteer requirement for only one of the children.

Q. Are Scholarships available?
A. Reduced Registration Fee and Full Scholarships are available upon eligibility verification. Please contact the Director of Registration at [email protected] for more information.

Q. Can I help provide scholarships for other children?
A. Yes, Scholarships are needed and much appreciated every year.

Q. Where do I sign up for Juniors, Seniors, or Big League baseball?
A. Registration for the upper division programs will take place online directly through this SRVLL web site.

Q. What happens if I register my child late?
A. We want to ensure that every child who wants to play can do so. However, players who register late may be put on a waiting list for team placement.

Q. Can I get a refund?

For our draft divisions (Majors, AAA, AA) we will provide a 75% refund after our first tryout date and through the end of registration, and a 50% refund for cancellations made after registration closes on December 31 and prior to the start of our first draft in early January.  Upon the start of the first draft for the Majors division, NO REFUNDS will be made. For our remaining divisions of Single A, Rookie and T-ball, we will provide a 50% refund for cancellations made after registration closes on December 31 and until teams are formed, typically in late January.  Once teams have been formed in these divisions, NO REFUNDS will be made.

Q. What equipment will my child need?
A. Players in the T-ball/Rookie/Farm/A/AA/AAA divisions will need to purchase a baseball glove, long-sleeved T-shirt, pants, belt, athletic supporter (including cup for boys), and socks. Baseball cleats (rubber) are recommended. Your coach will recommend the color of pants and socks to purchase. All players receive a team hat and jersey.Players in the Majors/Juniors divisions will need to purchase a baseball glove, pants, athletic supporter (including cup for boys), and socks. Baseball cleats (rubber) are recommended. Your coach will recommend the color of pants, belt and socks to purchase. All players receive a team hat and jersey. The jersey will need to be returned at the end of the season. 


Q: Does my child need to try out? 
A: All players league age 9 years and older must attend a tryout. It is important that your child attend the slot you sign up for during registration.

Q:  What if my child cannot make his/her tryout slot? 
A: We understand that illness, emergencies, etc., occur and we will be scheduling a make-up date to be determined.  Understand that the makeup times will be assigned by age and therefore we will not be able to release times until we know how many make-ups will be needed for each age group, so be sure to keep your schedule open on that date. 

Q:  What if my child misses both tryout opportunities? 
A: Failure to attend a tryout will place your child at the lowest division for his/her age group as well as disqualify him/her for a call-up should a roster spot become available in the division above. 

Q:  What should my child bring?
A: :  Glove, hat, sneakers and cleats and water.  The league will provide a few bats and will also provide batting helmets, but if you have your own bat and helmet you are welcome to bring them.  We will be conducting tryouts on a mix of the blacktop and the field, so PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING BOTH SNEAKERS AND CLEATS. 

Q:  When should I arrive? 
A: Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to your assigned time so that you have time to check in, warm up and receive information as to what to expect.  We will  grouping the players together, assigning numbers to them, and once we begin, will be on a tight schedule so they must show up on time. 

Q:  Where should I park? 
A: You will not be able to park in the upper parking lot as we will be using that area for league personnel so please park in front of the school and do not attempt to enter the upper lot even to drop off your child (unless you drop them off at the gate entrance).  Prior to your tryout a map of Los Cerros showing the various stations and where to check-in will be posted on the site or emailed to you. 


Q:  In what division should my child Play?
A.  Which division your child belongs in is dependent upon a few factors such as:  age; prior experience and skill level.  Newer players should consider playing at a lower level where the competition and instruction will be more skill appropriate.  Players, league age 9 and older, who would be considered within the top 5 players of his/her age group should consider applying for higher division consideration.  

Q:  If my child isn’t selected to a higher division, will he have to try out again for the lower division?
A.  No, the Majors draft occurs first and any players who were not drafted will then automatically be placed into the candidate pool for AAA and then those players not selected to AAA, will be placed in the AA pool.  

Q:  My child is new to the game or needs more development. Can he play down a division  a division?
A.  For the most part, yes.  12 year olds are automatically drafted into the Majors division unless it is specifically requested that they drop down to AAA (Note that 12 year olds dropping down to AAA are not allowed to pitch).  For other children, be sure to select the division you want your child to play.  e.g. if your child is 10 and does not want to be considered for AAA, then select AA during registration. 


Q:  How are teams formed? 
A. Players 5-8 are all assigned a team and are assembled with the attempt to place children together based on school, or location.  If you have a neighbor with whom you carpool or who will take your child to/from practices, contact your division coordinator as soon as possible. Players 9 years and older (and some 8 year olds) who submit themselves as candidates for AA and higher will be placed into a draft pool based on age.  (See Division Descriptions on who is eligible for the various divisions).   

Q:  I want to switch my child to another team because his friend is on that team.  Can I do it? 
A.  If your child is playing in Single A or lower, the answer is Yes, provided your request is timely and the teams can remain even.  If your child is playing in the AA division or higher, then No, switching is not allowed. 

Q:  My child didn't get drafted to the higher division he was hoping for.  Can I appeal this?   
A.  There are no appeals if your child is not drafted to a higher division team.  You can, however, contact the Player Agent to notify him/her that your child would be interested in being called up in the event of a player vacating his spot.  Note that doing so does not guarantee your child will be called up since it is that Manager's choice as to who they bring up if and when a replacement is needed.  


Q. When do Practices start?
A. Practices begin in February for the Majors, AAA, and AA Divisions and run through the season.  Practices begin in March for the T-ball, Rookie, Farm and A Divisions.

Q.  When do games begin?
A. Games begin as soon as early March and run through the end of the school year (generally early June).

Q:  Where are practices and games?  
A.  Practice locations and games are determined by division.  Majors games are played at Royal Auto Group Field at Los Cerros Middle School,  AAA, and Rookie games are at Alamo Elementary, AA and Single A games are at Stone Valley Middle School, Farm games are at Green Valley Elementary and Tee Ball are at  St. Isidore.   Our Intermediate 70/80s division will play home games at Los Cerros Field 2 but will play away games at various fields throughout District 57.   

Q:  How often are practices and games?  
A.  It depends on the division your child plays at.  At the higher levels (Majors, AAA) you can expect at least 3 practices per week in the preseason and during the season at least 2 practices and 2 games per week.  The AA Division typically has 2 practices per week in the pre-season and 2 games along with 1 practice during the regular season.  For T-ball, Rookie, Farm, and A Divisions there is generally two practices per week in the pre-season and two games per week in the regular season. Managers have discretion to schedule additional practices as they deem appropriate. 

Q:  Are there minimum playing time requirements?  
A.  Each division has a minimum playing time requirement for each player which can be found in our local rules in the Appendix.  


Q:  Will we be required to volunteer?  
A. Yes.  SRVLL is a non-profit, volunteer organization and as such, all families participating in SRVLL are required to give service to our league during the course of the season.  IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR SERVICE HOURS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED BY THE LEAGUE A FEE OF $300.00 in May of the year in which your child plays. 

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